What is Seven17?

Seven17 is a gaming forum and community open to gamers everywhere. These days most of us have moved on to Xbox One but we’re open to playing and discussing all game platforms. If you have a love for games and are looking for a fun place to hangout and talk shop about games we welcome you to register and become a part of the community.

Administrators and Team Members

These are the team leaders for the Seven17 gaming forum.

History of Seven17

Seven17 was founded in 2004 and was originally the TC (Tribes Crew) headquarters for Tribes Aerial Assault. After the eventual shutdown of the TAA Gamerplug Forum many of that site’s members migrated here. In the ten years Seven17 has been around the community has seen a lot of changes and grown into a mature game forum. We’ve since expanded and opened our doors to gamers everywhere, branching out to all games and platforms.